Preparing for a photo shoot

Hello!  I designed this blog to help you prepare for your upcoming photo shoot.  If you are coming in for a headshot please go to the menu and look at the pages listed under head shot preparation. If you are coming in for more than a headshot and planning multiple looks please look at all the different looks listed within your gender.  This will help you successfully prepare for your shoot!  When preparing for any photo shoot including jobs please keep these important pointers in mind:

  • Get plenty of rest the night before.
  • Women, make sure your hair color is fresh and as you would normally wear it.
  • Whiten your teeth!
  • Don’t be to tan. A little color is fine, tropical tan – no way!
  • Be on time, call if you are running late.
  • Prepare your clothing in a neat and organized way so they are not a crumpled mess when you get to the shoot!

Read on for more information to help you prepare!

Preparing for a head shot session

Always remember that certain clothing items may work better in real life than they translate onto camera, so it is a good idea to bring a large assortment and range of wardrobe to your shoot. 10 choices for a head shot is barely enough, 20 is better!. These days, the majority of your shots should be tighter head shots that need to stand out in a smaller “thumbnail ” format for online submissions.

Do consider color, which is another way to add richness to a shot. Bring a good variety of color tops. Colors can range form bright to subdued, also bring some basic black, white and gray. Texture can be considered as well. A sample of textured fabrics might include: knitted sweaters, thermals, denim, corduroy, leather or suede. This is not essential for all of your looks, but I am a believer in variety.


Please do mix up the necklines. Every different neckline will change the shape of your face so definitely come with an array tops so that we can have the luxury to pick and choose. Think about scoop necks, button downs, zipper necks, hoodies, crew, halter tops and narrow V’s. Always avoid a wider V that might make you appear naked when cropped in tighter. The same applies to plunging tank tops. They can work for a 3/4 look but not a head shot as it distracts the focus from your eyes. Bring a variation of sleeve lengths for wider shots and play with the idea of a layered look.

Another important footnote for women is to remember to bring the rights bras, one that is smooth and matches your skin tone as much as possible so that it doesn’t show through a shirt and divert attention from your face. Please keep jewelry simple and to a minimum.


What to bring to a head shot session

For the best success us my layered approach to packing. First start with basic t-shirts. The trick is they should be new or fairly new, great fitting and a flattering color. Scoop neck or v – necks work best. This is a must have for a head shot session, as it will almost always work. Start your packing with a few of these and then add some fun choices.
For the fun pieces choose things that look good on you. Try them on for fit, and make sure you have the correct undergarments for each top.
Make sure the color is flattering and the fit is good. Stay away from oversized,  drapey garments and dolman sleeves.  Pattern is fun to play with so give it a try. No big logos please. The final layer is the wow factor.
Choose a few really crazy pieces just for fun. You never know. Below are examples of a properly layered wardrobe bag for a photo shoot. Please make sure your clothes are hung
and wrinkle free!  Below are examples to help you pack.

The basic tee

Beyond the basic tee – fun pieces


The wow factor


Preparing clothes for multiple looks

The first thing to do when preparing multiple looks is to consider how you are marketing yourself.  You want to make yourself appealing to the types of clients that will hire you.  Your agent is the first person you should ask about marketing.  They can tell you who your potential clients are and how best to market to those clients.  For example, if you are a late 20′s female your agent might want to market you as a young professional, young mom or maybe a health care worker.  Some of your potential clients are Target, United Health Care and Best Buy.  You can then take this information and develop looks that will sell you to those potential clients.  I have listed many different looks on this blog, and have given examples of how to prepare for each look.  Check under categories to go directly to looks that pertain to you.  Then prepare your wardrobe to bring to the shoot. Remember things should be new, or almost new.  Go shopping, borrow from friends, and bring things from your own wardrobe.  All clothes should be ready to shoot.  Bring them in hanging bags and press all of your clothes.

lifestyle look

Every body  should bring in a fun casual lifestyle look.  This applies to men and women.  Bring jeans (many different fits and styles), khaki’s tee’s, sweaters, and hoodies.  All clothes should be age appropriate. Below are examples for men and women from stores like Gap, J Crew, Boden  &  AE & Lands End Canvas.undefinedundefinedundefined